October 2022 MiShape project featured on CSE website.

July 2022 2 papers accepted at the ACM IMWUT/UbiComp’22. Check out.
Awarded an REU grant on NSF #1910853.

March 2022 Dr. Sanjib Sur received the NSF CAREER Award.
NSF’s most prestigious award in support of junior faculty who exemplify the role of teacher-scholars through outstanding research, excellent education, and the integration of education and research. Read more.
🏆 Best Poster Runner-up Award at HotMobile’22 for work on Drone-based survey of millimeter-wave propagation, presented by Ian McDowell and Rahul Bulusu.
🏆 Best Poster Honorable Mention (Second Place) at UbiComp’21 for work on handheld millimeter-wave imaging, presented by Jackie Schellberg.

January 2022 2 posters accepted in ACM HotMobile’22.
Undergraduate research student Jackie Schellberg wins the IEEE MTT-S Undergraduate Scholarships, 2022

December 2021 Argus paper accepted in ACM SIGMETRICS’22: A first-of-its-kind machine-learning framework for robust millimeter-wave indoor network deployment.
Magellan Grant awarded to undergraduate research students Ian McDowell and Rahul Bulusu.
Magellan Grant awarded to undergraduate research student Edward Sitar.

July 2021 SquiggleMilli paper accepted in ACM IMWUT’21: A first-of-its-kind machine-learning augmented handheld SAR imaging with a squiggle motion of mobile millimeter-wave devices.
3 posters accepted in ACM UbiComp’21.

April 2021 mmFlow paper is accepted by SECON’21.
Awarded an REU grant on NSF #1910853.
Granted US Patent 10,972,155.

March 2021 🏆 Best Poster Award at ACM HotMobile’21 for early work on visual map and machine learning aided 5G picocell placement, presented by Timothy Dayne Hooks.
🏆 Best Poster Runner-up Award at ACM HotMobile’21 for early work on machine learning augmented hand-held millimeter-wave imaging, presented by Hem Regmi.

January 2021 3 posters accepted in ACM HotMobile’21.

December 2020 Awarded Magellan Grant together with undergraduate research student Timothy Dayne Hooks.

October 2020 Granted US Patent 10,820,242.

September 2020 Thermal characterization data from 60 GHz smartphones is available now for downloading!
Check out our webpage.

August 2020 Awarded NSF #2018966 grant.
Aquilo paper is accepted by IEEE ICNP’20. Poster is accepted by ACM MobiCom’20.

June 2020 Awarded an REU grant on NSF #1910853.

May 2020 Awarded ASPIRE II grant.
MilliCam paper is accepted by IEEE ICCCN’20.

March 2020 Granted US Patent 10,587,353.

January 2020 Granted US Patent 10,548,147.

December 2019 Granted US Patent 10,505,619.

November 2019 Co-chairing ACM mmNets’20 workshop (co-located with ACM MobiCom’20).

August 2019 Awarded NSF #1910853 grant.

January 2019 Granted US Patent 10,171,140.

November 2018 AudioSentry paper is accepted by PETS’19.

August 2018 Granted US Patent 10,051,685.
Awarded Texas Instruments equipment grant.

July 2018 Invited to serve as a panelist in ACM S3’18 workshop (co-located with ACM MobiCom’18).

June 2018 UbiG paper is accepted by ACM MobiCom’18.