SyReX Team Members in Spring 2022
5G in the Sky
Reliable NextG Network Deployment
Resilient NextG Connectivity
Beyond Traditional Vision Monitoring
Cooling Down Hot Millimeter-Wave Devices
Mobile Physical Security
Wireless-Based Biomarker Monitoring

We are a group of computer systems researchers in the Computer Science and Engineering department at the University of South Carolina.
SyReX (Systems Research on X) is an extensible name for our research group. X represents our focus, and currently, X = Wireless Networking, Mobile Computing, and Machine Learning.

Internet-of-Things (IoT) systems play an integral role in our daily lives, and we are currently witnessing an explosion of the IoT ecosystem, which includes not only smartphones but also the smart, ubiquitous objects embedded with communication, computation, and sensing capabilities. Emerging IoT systems, such as autonomous vehicles, immersive virtual and augmented reality, tactile internet, holoportation, telesurgery, and smart, connected buildings, promise to automate human lives at unprecedented levels this decade. However, such systems rely on two critical foundations: (1) Next-generation wireless network architectures that can serve billions of devices, with wire-like connectivity, reliability, and resiliency; and (2) Ubiquitous sensing techniques that enable the objects to be “truly smart” by understanding and interpreting the ambient conditions and micro-activities with high precision.

Our research team has been building these two foundations. We design, develop, and deploy experimental, data-driven computational and deep learning models to extract intelligence from wireless signals, which, in turn, enable ubiquitous sensing modalities and high-resilience and high-performance networks. Through these works, we contribute to both basic computer science and engineering research as well as research in the domains of healthcare.

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Recent News

October 2022 MiShape project featured on CSE website.

July 2022 2 papers accepted at the ACM IMWUT/UbiComp’22. Check out.
Awarded an REU grant on NSF #1910853.

March 2022 Dr. Sanjib Sur received the NSF CAREER Award.
NSF’s most prestigious award in support of junior faculty who exemplify the role of teacher-scholars through outstanding research, excellent education, and the integration of education and research. Read more.
🏆 Best Poster Runner-up Award at HotMobile’22 for work on Drone-based survey of millimeter-wave propagation, presented by Ian McDowell and Rahul Bulusu.
🏆 Best Poster Honorable Mention (Second Place) at UbiComp’21 for work on handheld millimeter-wave imaging, presented by Jackie Schellberg.

January 2022 2 posters accepted in ACM HotMobile’22.
Undergraduate research student Jackie Schellberg wins the IEEE MTT-S Undergraduate Scholarships, 2022

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