CSCE 790: Wireless and Mobile Systems for the IoT

Spring 2020

Note: This schedule is tentative and subject to change. Please check it regularly.
Weeks/Dates Topics Notes
Week of Jan. 14 Introduction: Course overview; Introduction to the principles of sensors and signals Assigned Reading:[ How to Read a Paper ] Optional Reading:
How to Present [ Book Summary ]
Week of Jan. 21 Foundations for signal analysis
Week of Jan. 28 Signal representations
Week of Feb. 4 Inertial measurement unit and sensor fusion
Week of Feb. 11 Orientation and motion tracking
Week of Feb. 18 Wireless sensing techniques for IoT
Week of Feb. 25 Gesture recognition
Week of Mar. 3 Wireless networking for IoT
Week of Mar. 10 Localization: Outdoor and indoor
Week of Mar. 17 Mobile health
Week of Mar. 24 Augmented and virtual reality
Week of Mar. 31 Human-machine interface
Week of Apr. 7 Security and vulnerability in IoT
Weeks of Apr. 14 and Apr. 21 Machine learning for IoT
Apr. 28 Exam: Final project report and presentation Presentation time: 11:40 am – 12:55 pm; Place: SWGN 2A15
Report due by: 11:59 pm