CSCE 416: Introduction to Computer Networks

Fall 2019

Note: This schedule is tentative and subject to change. Please check it regularly.

Date Topics Notes
Aug. 22 Introduction: Course overview & logistics; Basic concepts of
network structure
Course syllabus and lecture 1 slides are available at the Blackboard. Watch the documentary “City in the Sky”; available at the Netflix and PBS
Aug. 27 Introduction: Basic concepts: Network
edge, Network core, Delay, Loss, and Throughput
Lecture 2 slides and Lab assignment 1 are posted at the
assignment due date is Sep. 5
Aug. 29 Application layer: Architectures; Socket communication; Lecture 3 slides are posted at the Blackboard
Sep. 3 Application layer: Web and HTTP; Lecture 4 slides are posted
Sep. 5 Application layer: HTTP; Cookies; Caches; Lab assignment 1 is due now;
Lecture 5 slides and Lab assignment 2 are posted;
assignment due date is Sep. 19;
Quiz 1 will be on Sep. 12;
Sep. 10 Application layer: DNS; Revisit application layer; Lecture 6 slides and example problems from Chapter 1 and 2 are posted
Sep. 12 Transport layer: Services; Multiplexing and De-multiplexing; Quiz 1 is today;
Lecture 7 slides are posted
Sep. 17 Transport layer: UDP; Checksum; Lecture 8 slides are posted
Sep. 19 Transport layer: Principles of reliable data transfer; TCP
Lab assignment 2 is due now;
Lecture 9 slides are posted
Sep. 24 Transport layer: TCP handshake; TCP flow control; TCP connection termination; Lecture 10 slides and Lab assignment 3 are posted;
assignment due date is Oct. 9;
Sep. 26 Transport layer: TCP congestion control; Lecture 11 slides are posted;
Quiz 2 will be on Oct. 3;
Oct. 1 Transport layer: Revisit UDP and TCP; Lecture 12 slides with example problems from Chapter 3 are posted
Oct. 3 Network layer: Router architecture; input/output queuing and
Quiz 2 is today;
Lecture 13 slides are posted
Oct. 8 Network layer:
IP addressing; Subnets; DHCP;
Lecture 14 slides and example problems from Chapter 4 are posted
Oct. 9 Lab assignment 3 is due now;
Oct. 10 Fall Break (No Classes)
Oct. 15 Journey down the three layers of protocol stack;
Mid-term thoughts;
Lecture 15 slides with examples problems for mid-term are posted
Oct. 17 Exam: Mid-term Closed book; you are allowed to carry a calculator and a
cheat sheet on a one-sided 8.5”x11” paper
Oct. 22 Link layer: Services; MAC and ARP; Mid-term scores, sample solutions, and lecture 16 slides are posted
Oct. 24 Link layer: Error
and redundancy check; Synthesis for a web request
Lecture 17 slides are posted
Oct. 29 Link layer:
Overview of multiple access protocol;
ALOHA; CSMA; Token ring;
Lecture 18 slides are posted;
Quiz 3 will be on Nov. 5;
Oct. 31 Link layer:
Ethernet and switches;
Happy Halloween!

Lecture 19 slides and Lab assignment 4 are posted;
assignment due date is Nov. 19

Nov. 5 Transport layer: Revisit UDP and TCP; Principles of reliable data
transfer; Revisit TCP congestion control;
Application layer: Revisit application and transport layer;
Quiz 3 is today;
Nov. 7 Network layer: Network control plane; graph abstraction;

Lecture 20 slides are posted;
Nov. 12 Network layer: Network control plane; graph abstraction;
Link routing; Distance vector routing;

Lecture 21 slides are posted;
Nov. 14 Network layer:
Compare LS and DV; Scalable routing; OSPF; BGP;
Lecture 22 slides are posted;
Nov. 19 Network layer: Revisit routing algorithm; Lab assignment 4 is due now;
Lecture 23 slides and Lab assignment 5 are posted;
assignment due date is Dec. 5;
Quiz 4 will be on Nov. 26;
Nov. 21 Wireless networks: Overview; Architecture; Channel characteristics; Lecture 24 slides and example problems are posted;
Nov. 26 Physical layer: Overview; chracteristics; Quiz 4 is today;
Nov. 28 Thanksgiving Day (No Classes) Happy Thanksgiving!
Dec. 3 Transport layer: Revisit transport layer protocols;
Glimpses to the future of computer networks;
Dec. 5 Course overview; Final exam thoughts; Lab assignment 5 is due now;
You can resubmit Lab assignment 3 till today;
Dec. 12 Exam: Final Time: 4:00 pm – 6:30 pm; Place: 300 Main St. B103